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Siam Niramit Phuket

Siam Niramit Phuket

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Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand's arts and cultural heritage.

This must-see spectacular show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs.

Enhanced special effects and the world's most advanced technology are used to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.

  • The Siam Niramit (Phuket) show runs 6 days a week. (We are closed on Tuesdays).
  • The show starts at 20.30hrs, and runs for 80 minutes, without intermission.
  • Gates open at 17.30hrs. for access to attractions and facilities.
  • Thai/International Buffet dinner is available from 18.00 to 20.00 hrs.
  • A transfer service is available from all main hotels in Phuket. (Details on Bookings page).

The Show is in 3 Acts

Act1 Journey Back to History
For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures, a cross-road where civilizations meet.
In Act I, Siam Niramit takes you back to the past to witness...

Act2 Journey Beyond Imagination


Despite the diverse cultures and livelihood, Thai people are all bound by a common belief in the religious principle
of the Law of Karma. The good deeds or bad deeds in this world will result in merit or suffering in the next life.

In Act 2 we visit the three realms central to traditional Thai beliefs

Act3 Journey Through Joyous Festivals

Thai Buddhists believe that to go to heaven, one must gather merit on earth. Thai culture is full of a wide variety of merit-making festivals, which combine religious ceremony with colourful and joyful celebration.

In Act 3 we witness some of the most popular and important festivals....

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